Buy Second-Hand Casino Equipment

You would buy a used car, so why wouldn’t you buy second-hand casino equipment? Not only is it significantly cheaper to do so, but you will be impressed with the condition of the products available, with some hardly-looking touched. At MrLucky, we specialise in all things pre-loved, refurbishing casino equipment back to its former glory to be enjoyed for even longer. You’re in the right place if you’re looking to make your budget stretch further and get fantastic value for money, as we’ve got everything you could ever need at a fraction of the price of new.

Not only are we the number one place to buy roulette tables but you’ll also find other used casino equipment for sale UK, in our online store. We have provided the highest quality second-hand casino equipment to thousands of casinos across Europe, many of which have gone on to repurchase time and time again. Each of our casino products is refurbished in-house by hand, and our meticulous attention to detail provides the best possible results every single time.

Buy Second-Hand Casino Equipment

Buying Second-Hand Casino Equipment From Us

Forget any preconceptions you may have about used casino supplies. The words ‘second-hand’ don’t need to be a bad thing, and actually, it’s the perfect solution for a casino starting out or with a limited refurbishment budget. Despite being 2nd-hand, they are still new for your casino, and the products that we sell will never look used, or have any obvious signs of wear and tear. Nothing appears in our shop that hasn’t been thoroughly assessed and approved for quality first, so by the time you come to buy; you can be confident that you’re getting ta perfectly finished product.

Buy Second-Hand Casino Equipment

Our specialist refurbishment techniques make the decision to buy second-hand casino equipment even easier. Why wouldn’t you pick the cheaper alternative if the quality was the same? Our used casino equipment for sale UK is often half the price of buying brand new, and you wouldn’t even know someone had previously used it in most cases. Buying used items is the perfect solution for many scenarios. Be that you’re a smaller casino, an event management company. Or perhaps just a casino enthusiast wanting your equipment for your collection, we have something for you.

Several of our most loyal and frequent customers were unsure at first about whether or not to buy second-hand casino equipment. But since doing so have gone on to do it over and over again. We’re so confident that you will feel the same way, we have introduced a satisfaction guarantee that promises a refund if you’re not entirely happy with your purchase.

Buy Second-Hand Casino Equipment

Refurbished Blackjack Tables

Blackjack tables are some of the most expensive casino kit you can buy, especially when you’re likely to need more than a few of them. Blackjack can’t be skipped, of course, so buying used casino equipment is the compromise. Provide players with their favourite game whilst making a saving on the original price of doing so, and everybody is happy. Our blackjack tables have been lovingly restored to look brand new, and are available for an affordable price at MrLuckyShop.

Refurbished Casino Seating

Each of your casino tables will require individual seating, and you’ll likely want some lounging furniture around the place, too. The good news is that the MrLuckyShop also sells refurbished casino seating, from comfortable padded chairs to relaxed sofas, we’ve got them all. Comfort should be a priority to keep players happy and around for longer, and we have some of the most affordable casino seating on the market in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply contact one of the sales team, and we can help you to find a great match for your casino style and colour palette.

Buy Roulette Tables and seating
Buy Second-Hand Casino Equipment

MrLuckyShop Casino Accessories

Using the MrLuckyShop, you will be able to buy roulette tables, blackjack accessories and all of the casino comfort essentials. Everything we sell is used, but restored to the highest standards, and sold on to you at great low prices. We are the number one supplier for discount casino equipment, so look no further than us for help with your project. Our team is on hand to help you to find the perfect product for your casino.

Click here to browse our online store or contact the team to discuss your specific requirements and needs. Don’t forget to ask about the MrLucky customisation services, allowing you to have branded casino accessories with your logo and colours at rock bottom prices.